Speaking from the Heart and Mind

My speaking style is full of energy and information.  Whenever I take the stage at a worship service, retreat or other large group ministry setting is the same.  I speak for response.  I feel that the things we learn call on us to live differently and seek to call others to respond to the truth I am highlighting..  

My talks are filled with personal stories that support a unique take on whatever subject we are exploring.  It is not uncommon to see images from archaeological digs, hear a story from an epic fail in high school and an explanation of a scripture that doesn't make sense at face value. All of that is woven together to push towards a practical, livable bottom line for people to take away.

Each talk is tailored for your specific theme and focus.  I have many places of interest that can help guide a discussion of your event:

Our Role in God's Story: God is telling a brilliant story that begins in Genesis, stretches on through the present and climaxes in the new Jerusalem at the end of Revelation.

Reclaiming a Wesleyan Vision:  Wesley's life, ministry innovation, and theology are uniquely suited to answering the biggest questions for the next generation.  

Jewish Background to the New Testament:  Jesus was Jewish, and understanding his teachings requires that we understand how they speak to that jewish audience.

Science and Faith:  If God is revealing himself through creation (Romans 1:18) then the study of that creation is the study of God.  That means that if we pay attention, the discoveries of science can help us understand God.

The Questions You Aren't Supposed to ask: What do Nostradamus and the book of Revelation have in common? Why are the forbidden Gospels not in the Bible? Why do the Catholics have a different Bible than the Protestants? What happened in the missing 25 Years of Jesus' life? Most importantly of all: why does any of this matter when I wake up tomorrow morning?

Investigating Christmas: Engage with the information behind the hustle and bustle of Christmas to come to a deep understanding of this most sacred holiday. From Santa to the wise men there is no aspect that escapes criticism and none that are silenced by it. When all the data is allowed to have its voice, the voice of God rings out through its dissonant harmony to reveal the beauty of a savior born thousands of years ago.

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