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We all wrestle with questions from whether to take the Bible literally to why the church disagrees so sharply on social issues like homosexuality.  We are going to wrestle with them together, find new perspectives and new information to help us to grow as we question God.  

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6/2 Should the forbidden gospels be banned?
6/9 From Revelation to Nostradamus: How will it end?
6/16 Does Genesis allow Christians to believe in evolution?
6/30 Why did Jesus say hate your parents and other bad advice?
7/7 Apocrypha, Virgin Mary, and does the Pope speak for God?
7/14 What happened to the missing 25 years of Jesus’ life?
7/21 Why do Christians disagree about homosexuality?
7/28 Literal Bible: Danger or commandment?
8/4 Why is there God-directed genocide in the Bible?
8/11 A loving God and burning forever: Oxymoron?

8/18 666, dragons, and other secret mysteries in the Bible. 


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