A Partner in Ministry

Let me come alongside your ministry and help you evaluate and refresh your programs and structure.  After visiting with you for a couple days, we will collaborate on a plan for development.  From there, we will have monthly mentoring sessions where we have candid conversations about ministry.  We will set goals, measurements, and tasks to help you develop as a pastor and help your ministry grow by aligning your practice and values through implementing a healthy structure.

Questions people have:

Are you going to change everything?

No.  One of the most dangerous decisions people make is changing too much too quickly.  If major changes are needed, we will develop a multi-year plan for phasing in ministry-wide changes while utilizing the current structure and naming conventions to make it seem like the change is less drastic.

Can I Trust You?

The only way this sort of situation works is if there is a level of trust between the mentor and the mentee.  From the outset we will set boundaries for what sorts of communication will be confidential and what sorts of information your church has asked to receive.  The goal is health and development not justification for termination.  

What is your focus/method?

Youth ministry isn't rocket science.  We will focus on developing an appropriate ministry plan for your context that reaches outside of your church to your community, helps students meet and follow Jesus, equips and releases students and adults for lifelong ministry, and provides opportunities to engage in the movement of God in the world.  If you want a 30,000 foot view of my thoughts, grab a copy of Reclaiming the Lost Soul of Youth Ministry.

How do we start?

After you fill out the form below, we will have an initial conversation about what you need and my availability.  From there, we begin with a day or two of hanging out and getting to know your ministry.  I will then offer a brief sketch of how the coaching would proceed and you can decide whether or not to complete to process.

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